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Body modification includes anything from piercings and tattoos all the way to surgical augmentations such as implants and injections. Photographer Roger ...

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You don’t really get to experience America until you leave the major cities. I cherish traveling beyond the suburbs and into the vast landscapes, where farms and sky and corner stores intersect. The way an average American finds the Far East exotic and bizarre, I feel the same way about most of my country. So when Monami Frost told us she’d be visiting Los Angeles for the first time, far from her home in Liverpool, and decades further from her native Latvia, I imagined a photo shoot with the tattooed model at a roadside motel. Nothing speaks more of the American tourist experience than a lonely Best Western off the highway. When I was a kid, my dad would take us on these months-long road trips across the States. In the belly of a dingy Ford van, we’d connect landmarks

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